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International training programmes for University students


Summer training and familiarization practice "The Chinese language and culture (in Chinese) at Beijing Union University”


The most effective way to learn a language is to visit the country of the language being studied. We offer you a unique opportunity to visit the capital of China – Beijing in the summer and take a Chinese language course at Beijing Union University, a long-time partner of Moscow University for the Humanities.

Training and familiarization practice lasts four weeks (mid-July – August). Training includes 20 academic hours per week of the Chinese language (vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading texts). Classes are held from Monday to Friday, from 8: 10 to 11: 30. After 13:00 – additional classes in origami, calligraphy, silk thread weaving and other traditional Chinese arts.

Students are accommodated on the campus of Beijing Union University and live in double rooms in a comfortable dormitory with all the amenities in the room. The University has a dining room that offers Chinese cuisine, and there are many cafes and restaurants with European cuisine near the University.

At the end of the training, a certificate of Beijing Union University is issued, indicating the successful completion of the Chinese language training programme. This certificate will play a significant role in future employment.

To participate in the summer educational and familiarization practice the Chinese language and culture (in Chinese), you must:

- contact International Cooperation Department, submit an application for participation in the programme and a copy of a valid passport;

- after receiving an invitation from Chinese partner, provide International Cooperation Department of with the documents necessary for obtaining a visa (the list is attached)

Semester at Beijing Union University for students studying Chinese

Students who have successfully completed the first or second year and participated in the summer educational programme, according to the University partner agreements, get a unique opportunity to study at Beijing Union University during the semester (I semester – from September to January, II semester – from March to July) in an advanced programme on preferential terms (the host party pays tuition and 50% of the cost of living in a dormitory).

Classes are held in international groups (10-15 people) with students from more than 30 partner universities of Beijing Union University (countries of America, Europe and Asia). Studying with students from other countries will allow you to gain experience in cross-cultural communication.

You will be able to immerse yourself in Chinese culture, fully get acquainted with the unforgettable monuments of Chinese architecture, and better understand the way of life and mentality of the inhabitants of China.

Every two weeks, the University offers free guided tours: the Great Wall of China, the Stalactite cave, the Beijing Museum, the Peking Opera, and more.

More than 50 students of Moscow s University for the Humanities have already used this opportunity and successfully completed their studies at Beijing Union University, significantly improving their level of the Chinese language.

At the end of the exams, a certificate of completion of training is issued, as well as a report card confirming the level of language proficiency. The certificate will be a unique addition to your resume when applying for a job.

ДTo participate in the programme of semester training at BUU, you must:

- pass the summer training and familiarization practice " Chinese language and culture (in Chinese)" at BUU;;

- have excellent academic performance;

- pass a competitive selection process at the faculty and get a recommendation from the Dean of the faculty;

- submit to International Cooperation Department the documents required for obtaining a visa (list attached)

List of documents for obtaining a visa to China:

1. Valid international passport.

2. Application Form for a trip to China.

3. One color photo.

4. A valid invitation issued by a Chinese University, the JW202 application form (sent to International Cooperation Department).

5. for minors traveling unaccompanied by their parents or guardians: a photocopy of a notarized exit permit from both parents. A copy of the passport of the parents who signed the permit, the child's birth certificate.


Grants for master's degree programmes in Chinese universities from the Government of the People’s Republic of China

The University maintains close ties with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Russia. One of the examples of business cooperation between Moscow University for the Humanities and the Chinese Embassy is the provision of two grants from the Chinese Government to University students. As a result of careful selection of candidates, Mikhail Rusinov and Ivan Korotun, graduates of the 2014/2015 academic year in the field of Foreign Regional Studies, received these grants. In September 2015, they started studying for a master's degree at the South-Eastern University of the People’s Republic of China (Nankin – the capital of Jiangsu province).

On the 2nd of March in 2017 the Chinese Embassy in Russia announced the provision of another free grant from the Government of the People’s Republic of China for a graduate of the faculty of international relations and tourism (direction " Foreign Regional Studies») for the purpose of studying for a master's degree in one of the Chinese universities in 2017/2018 academic year (with the right to choose a University).

The grant includes:

- free master's degree in one of the Chinese universities (at the student's choice);

- free accommodation in China for the period of study;

- free medical care;

- free flight;

- monthly scholarship.

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