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The student studies hard, realizing that knowledge is the power that will help him find happiness and save Russia.

The student diligently comprehends himself, develops his personality and character, realizing that only by the inner work of his mind and soul he can resist the destructive influence of the harsh reality surrounding him and achieve success in life.

The student is looking for positive thoughts, because thoughts become words. As a man thinks, so he is. Those who think constructively build, but not destroy. The student speaks with kind words as he knows words lead to actions. What a man says, he strives for and he does. If you are good, you are free. If you are evil, you are a slave.

The student acts according to the laws of kindness and justice as actions turn into habits. As you treat others they will treat you.

The student multiplies good habits, knowing that habits become character. You sow a habit – you reap a character.

The student respects and honors elders – his teachers and all those who organize and serve his education and upbringing, and looks for an example to follow in their image.

Code of Honor for Teachers and Employees

A University teacher and employee lives and works in order to make his life and others’ life more interesting, richer and better:

  • to see how our plans become reality;
  • to enjoy freedom, their abilities, strength and energy;
  • to enjoy the respect of others;
  • to leave a good memory.

A University teacher and employee sees the student as a person, and in serving him – the highest meaning of their activities.

A University teacher and employee is a caring and demanding friend of the student, he is simple and accessible, infinitely far from self-conceit and pride.

A University teacher and employee learns and master constantly in order to teach and educate better.

A teacher is a seeker of truth and a courageous fighter for it, he constantly deepens into his subject in order to convey his knowledge to the student in the best way.

The teacher is engaged in research to involve the student in the field of knowledge.

A University teacher and employee demonstrates high culture and morality by their appearance and behavior, finds happiness in science, teaching and educating the youth. Honesty, kindness and objectivity are the main virtues of a teacher.