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Top 10 reasons to study at Moscow University for the Humanities


55 hectares or 136 acres

5 academic buildings

4 student dormitories

1 cultural centre

1 sports centre

Our students enjoy a picturesque territory adjoined by an architectural and park ensemble “Kuskovo” with well-groomed alleys and pedestrian paths, a birchwood and ancient apple orchard.


The flagship of non-governmental liberal arts education

Moscow University for the Humanities is one of the leading Russian classical universities. It has a perpetual license for educational activities and state accreditation until mid-2025.

The University offers programs of higher education (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, postgraduate degrees), secondary vocational education (college) and additional education. Our alumni obtain state-approved diplomas. In 2015 MosGU received the award as the best non-state institution of higher education in the all-Russian competition “Top 100 Universities in Russia”. In 2016 the Association of Russian Non-state Institutions of Higher Education ranked the University No. 1 among 168 HEIs.

Employers acknowledge the high quality of our education programs and readily recruit our graduates.


6 faculties/schools

27 departments

650 thousand items in the library

4 attainment levels


Rector of Moscow University for the Humanities Igor M. Ilinskiy


Doctor of Philosophy, Professor. A member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Russian Academy of Military Sciences and Academy of Russian Literature, etc.

Igor M. Ilinskiy is the author of more than 40 books and hundreds of articles on the philosophy of education, the sociology of youth, the national youth policy and the history of Russia of the 20th century. The President of the Russian Intellectual Club. A member of the Union of Writers of Russia. The Chairman of the Guardian Council of Bunin Literature Prize, honored with many state and public awards.

Igor M. Ilinskiy has been an authorized representative of Russian President Vladimir V. Putin since 2012.

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Reasonable tuition fee

Tuition fee at Moscow University for the Humanities is affordable for almost everybody, and the level of education, facilities and resources are comparable with the best universities in Russia. We offer working students an adapted training schedule.

Fascinating student life

The university possesses a Cultural centre with vocal and dance studios and student theatre founded by a well-known actor Valery S. Zolotukhin. Our students are the 2015 bronze medalists of the All-Russian Competition of Student Creative Work “Festos”. They perform on prestigious concert venues of Moscow, such as the state Kremlin Palace and International House of Music, and participate in popular TV shows — “The Voice”, “I Want to Meladze”, “Big Break”, jazz project “Music-parking”, etc.

University sports centre

Our University provides all facilities for sports activities.

Our sports centre features:


Students can take part in different sports: volleyball, badminton, swimming, handball, football, ping-pong, darts. The sports centre provides physical-recreational services on fitness, swimming, aqua aerobics, yogalates, wing chun, boxing, tennis.


University sports centre

100 pairs of skis on the ski-run

6 lanes in the swimming pool

2 km of ski-run

400-meter-long race track


International Student Exchange programs

Students of Moscow University for the Humanities have the opportunity to join the student exchange programs and to study at universities in China, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Japan and Malta. For instance, our University cooperates with the Beijing Union University, the Beijing Open University (China), the prestigious French University Paris II Panthéon-Assas, etc. The University has a strong partnership with the Sheffield Business School at Sheffield Hallam University (Great Britain), with the Rotterdam Business School at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands), etc.



Our University campus is the best in Russia

Everything is within walking distance: from dormitory to a classroom or to the swimming pool will take 5 minutes. At leisure time, it is easy to get to the centre of Moscow: the way to the metro station “Vykhino” will take 10 minutes, and to the “China-Town” — 20 minutes by direct train.


Our University campus is the best in Russia

On the campus located:

1 dining-hall

7 canteens

2 cafes

1 medical centre


1150 beds in the dormitories


Our students, including those who live in Moscow and Moscow region, can stay in 4 comfortable dormitories with rooms for 1, 2 and 3 people. During the admission tests and Doors Open Days we offer dormitory for applicants and their relatives.

Your security is our responsibility

The compound of Moscow University for the Humanities is fully secured. Access is strictly controlled. All buildings of the university and the dormitories are always under guard. Order is maintained by our Security Service, all-day and all-night security cameras, entry control and electronic passes.


Our teaching staff

Moscow University for the Humanities employs more than 400 lecturers, many of them are Doctors of Philosophy, Doctors of Science, professors and associate professors. Among them are leading Russian researchers, members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other academies. They are A.L. Zhuravlev, Yu.I. Zhuravlev, V.M. Mezhuev, A.I. Fursov, A.A. Korolev, B.G. Yudin, V.M. Zvonikov and others.

We have professionals who prepare professionals!


We are proud of our alumni

For decades, MosGU has been a reliable platform for successful professional life of dozens of young people. More than a half of our students find jobs according to their specialties during their university internships.

Among our alumni are outstanding statesmen, diplomats, businessmen, famous sportsmen, cultural representatives, prominent scientists.

Welcome to our University!

We invite schoolchildren, college students, their parents and friends to visit Open Days at Moscow University for the Humanities that take place on the third Sunday of each month.


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