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Only a truly educated person can live in a world of elusive changes, increasing uncertainty and less predictability, and resist the manipulation of consciousness. And this is not a narrow "professional", "specialist"; it is not a" human cog", "human element". The understanding of Complexity, the comprehension of Essences and meanings is beyond the competence of such people.

To understand what is Happening, you need universality of knowledge, social wisdom and good manners. A person's education is what remains when everything they learned and passed at school and University is forgotten. What remains? Ability to create, understanding of the irreplaceable value of knowledge, notion what knowledge is needed at any given moment, where and how to get it.

The educational ideal of Moscow University for the Humanities is a truly educated person with a truly higher education. We want to create a person who is not only knowledgeable, but also understanding, not only trained, but also educated. We prepare a person not only for work but for a long life, during which he can change a lot of jobs and each time find himself again thanks to the qualities that were laid in him at his Alma mater.

This mission is extremely complicated. But we don't wait to be told what to do or how to do it. We act independently and always succeed. Big changes and victories start with small initiatives. It is everyone's business to light their own star in the darkness.

Our corporate motto is “All the best in Education”

Our goals in the sphere of quality:

1. Guaranteed and continuous improvement of the quality of education;

2. Optimal organization of all areas of the educational process (educational, training, research, economic, financial activities, etc.);

3. minimum level of complaints and claims from students;

4. maximum satisfaction of students and postgraduates with the educational process.

Our means of improving the quality:

1. To understand the students’ interests, anticipate and fulfill their reasonable wishes;

2. Common goals – a unified way of thinking, a unified team;

3. The best teaching staff, the highest professionalism of teachers and employees;

4. The best methods of training and education, the best information and technical equipment;

5. Ongoing improvement of the quality of everyone's work;

6. Constant improvement of quality management through optimal distribution of functions and responsibilities, material and financial resources;

7. Necessary and sufficient quantity and quality of information on the main criteria and indicators of quality of education for taking effective management decisions.

If it is interesting and profitable for students, it is interesting and profitable for the University.


The management of MosGU undertakes and is responsible for creating the conditions necessary to achieve the goals of ensuring the quality of training at the University in accordance with ISO 9001-2000, through the awareness, acceptance and implementation of this Policy at all levels of its organization.