Абитуриенту Контакты Сведения об образовательной организации Мобильная версия


Мы делаем всё, чтобы годы, проведённые в стенах МосГУ, стали для наших студентов незабываемыми!

Do you want to play in the theatre, learn to sing and dance? Do you write poetry and love good music? Are you interested in History and would like to show your erudition at the Experts Club? Are you dreaming of going to an interesting trip with groupmates to get to know your country better? Are you concerned about environmental issues and would you gladly join the eco-volunteers of Moscow University for the Humanities? Do you want to help people in need? Are you fond of photography and video filming? Are you ready to try your hand at journalism?

Moscow University for the Humanities has everything you need to show your talents!


The People's Artist of Russia, the famous and beloved actor Valery Sergeevich Zolotukhin founded the theatre-studio of our university. Under his leadership, the studio flourished and gained fame in the acting environment of Moscow.

Today the classes are taught by the theatre and film actor, director-teacher Valentin Viktorovich Terekhov. Classes are held in three main areas: acting, stage speech and stage movement. The theatre-studio produces 3-4 performances per year: the opening of the theatrical season in October, a New Year's fairy tale for children in December, a performance in March and the closing of the season in May.

Our students are participants and prize-winners of many competitions. In 2014, 2016 and 2017 they became prize-winners and laureates of Moscow Festival of Student Creativity "Festos". In 2016, the team took part in the programme of the Fireworks of Colors holiday at the Ethnomir Park-Museum and the Theatre Stage Festival.



If you love to sing and want to develop your vocal abilities, then you have to go directly to the vocal ensemble of Moscow University for the Humanities! In vocal lessons you will be taught how to breathe correctly, pronounce sounds, and "hold a foothold." Classes always begin with chanting and performing standard exercises for breathing training, warming up the ligaments, and expanding the vocal range.

Academic vocal classes are taught by teacher Maria Aleksandrovna Terekhova.

Our vocalists participate in all intra-university events with their performances, take part in Moscow Festival of Student Creativity "Festos".



Does your life move in the rhythm of R&B or hip-hop, modern or jazz? Welcome to the dance studio of Moscow University for the Humanities! Whatever rhythm life asks you, the main thing is the ability to move through it with grace and dignity. It is the ability to dance that allows you to feel confident not only on the dance floor, but also outside it! For us, dance is a manifestation of individuality, the ability to feel your body, to move freely and with pleasure.

Classes are conducted by the director, the Head of the Cultural Centre of Moscow University for the Humanities Valeria Alexandrovna Zakharova. Here you will master the basis of dance, master the necessary techniques, learn to convey different moods, and learn many secrets of the art of dancing. All this will allow you to learn how to experiment in different styles and develop your imagination.




The University of Youth is an association of professionals and novices, students and alumni, where everyone contributes their bit and a particle of their soul! Creativity is not only fun and imagination, but also hard work. We glue, make crafts, knock with hammers and use staplers. And we rehearse, rehearse and rehearse! The creative process is led by the Head of the Cultural Centre - our beloved Valeria Alexandrovna Zakharova. Together with her, we do acting and psychological training, learn movements and stage dances, create vivid stage images and select outfits, learn to write scripts and move on stage and just chat, sitting in the cozy halls of the Cultural Centre till late night. We run here to share our troubles and joys!



Studentship is a romantic time. First love, first true friendship, first trials and mistakes, first invaluable experience - all this excites the mind and feelings of young men and women who pour out their experiences in a poetic form. Some of them have achieved notable success in this field.

The founder of the Poetry Club is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Management of t Moscow University for the Humanities, and today an employee of our university, Kirill Sokolovsky. He himself writes beautiful poetry and is seriously interested in poetry. Each meeting of the club of poets is dedicated to a specific topic ("Creativity ofLermontov", "Love of all ages is submissive, students are most humble ...", etc.) or timed to a date or holiday (Defender of the Fatherland Day, International Day of Poetry and etc.).

The guys do not stop there, they continue to create and wait for new lovers of the poetic word.



The creative association "KOFE" ("Team of United Faculties") was founded in 2011. The basis of the team was the KVN team. Today the guys are engaged in theatrical performances. Students independently write scripts, select costumes, music, lighting, scenery, and direct. The creative association "KOFE" prepared such performances as "And how was it? ..", "Yesenin. Hooligan from curly fields "," XXII century ", etc.



After qualifying 10 university and college students develop scenarios of original creative performances and prepare for the competition for several months. All this time, the girls work hard: write essays, study stage speech and movements, take part in photo and video filming, learn to sing and dance. On the eve of International Women's Day they will make a grandiose performance in the assembly hall of t Moscow University for the Humanities.

The jury and spectators of the competition evaluate not only the performances of the participants, fashion shows and photo sessions, but also their intellectual abilities. Luxurious costumes, girls' evening dresses and magnificent music and lighting design create an unforgettable holiday atmosphere.

Lucky winners will receive valuable prizes!



The Student Council of Moscow University for the Humanities is a team of the most active and inquisitive guys who are always ready to help in difficult times! They organize their own projects and participate in all major events of the university, Moscow and the whole country. Student Council members make our life more interesting and brighter! You can find out more about how they do it on the Student Council page..



At joint meetings of the Department of History and Club of Lovers of History of the Fatherland (KLIO), anyone can deepen their knowledge of Russian History and touch on bygone eras.

Throughout the academic year, the university hosts many different KLIO events: presentations of scientific papers, lectures by famous historians, watching documentaries on historical topics, and much more.



The modern geopolitics of many countries often seem complex and inconsistent, but if we objectively consider world events and give them a professional assessment, the true reasons for even the most ambiguous events become clear. At the School of Analytics, Andrey Ilyich Fursov, a well-known historian, sociologist, geopolitician, director of the Centre for Russian Studies at the Institute for Fundamental and Applied Research of Moscow University for the Humanities, will help you understand the most complex processes of modern economics and politics. The school's monthly meetings get a full house every time!


STUDENT SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY of Moscow University for the Humanities

At the university, you can not only attend lectures and seminars, but also prove yourself in the scientific field. Everyone can join the Student Scientific Society and, in cooperation with scientists of Moscow University for the Humanities, organize and participate in events related to various fields of science: history, politics, ecology, psychology, etc.

Members of the SSS of Moscow University for the Humanities take an active part and win prizes in all-Russian scientific competitions at both regional and federal levels. For example, in June 2017, the SSS of Moscow University for the Humanities took third place in the III All-Russian competition of student scientific societies and design bureaus!


STUDENT PRESS CENTRE of Moscow University for the Humanities

The Student Press Centre operates on the basis of the Public Relations Department of Moscow University for the Humanities. Journalism students learn to cover events taking place at the university, Russia and the world.

The Press Centre prepares press conferences and briefings, organizes photo and video filming of various events and reports, holds meetings with well-known journalists of electronic and print media. You can find out how to join our team of journalists on the Student Press Centre page.



MosGU became one of the first Russian "green" universities. In 2015, we launched a large-scale environmental project "Green University". The main goal of this project is the environmental education of schoolchildren and students. We strive to become a sustainable university! More information about the eco-volunteers of Moscow University for the Humanities can be found in the "Green University" section.