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Our University pays great attention to physical culture and sports. The subjects "Physical culture and sport" and "Elective subjects in physical culture and sport" are mandatory in all areas of training. Silver medalist of the Beijing Olympics Maria Sidorova, Paralympic games medalist Irina Grazhdanova, Moscow 400-meter champion Ivan Kozhukhar are among our graduates

Classes and competitions are held in the sports complex and open plan structures, which are located at the campus of the University in a 3-minute walk from the academic buildings and dormitories. The sports complex includes:

multifunctional sports hall with a total area of 1009.62 m 2 (42.6×23.7 m) with markings for playing mini-football, handball, tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton; the hall is equipped with basketball farms with electric drive, electronic scoreboard, 14/24-second scoreboard, equipment for sports games
a small hall for fitness, table tennis and power martial arts with an area of 320 m 2; the hall is equipped with a mirror wall, a choreographic machine, a handstand, a Swedish wall, fitness equipment, tennis tables, Boxing bags.
gym with a total area of 120 m 2 (17,8=6,8 m); the gym is equipped with cardio equipment, block weight training machines for all muscle groups, free weights.
swimming pool with an area of 350 m 2 (6 paths of 25 meters); the pool is equipped with equipment for training sports swimming and Aqua aerobics.
The ski base is designed for 100 pairs of skis.
Open plan structures include:
the stadium has three 400-meter running tracks made of modern self-leveling pavement, a football field measuring 102×67m, a sector for long jumps, and a power training section.
a 54×27m sports field for playing mini-football, volleyball, and streetball.
beach volleyball court.
tennis court with training wall 38×16 m.

On the basis of the sports complex, the Department of physical culture and sports organize work in sports sections in badminton, volleyball, soccer and mini-soccer, swimming, where full-time students and postgraduates of the University who have passed sports selection can improve their level of sports skills and take part in Intercollegiate competitions as part of the University's national teams.

Every student can take part in intra-University competitions. The best athletes take part in Intercollegiate sports tournaments in badminton, men's and women's volleyball, Darts, wrestling, athletics, men's and women's mini-football, swimming, soccer and other sports.

Training sessions in the sections are conducted by masters and candidates for master of sports.
All this makes our Sports Complex a real centre of extracurricular life of students!

College and University students of all forms of education, as well as people from 15 to 35 who do not study at our University, can enroll in an additional general educational programme "Fitness", , which includes::

  • Swimming
  • Step aerobics
  • Gym
  • The yogalates
  • Aqua aerobics
  • Fitness box
  • Table tennis
The fitness card gives you the opportunity to engage in any of the proposed areas.

Sports and recreation events in the "Green Week" programme» include:

  • All-around in the GTO (Ready for Labour and Defence) programme
  • Table tennis tournament
  • Beach volleyball tournament
  • Yoga
  • Streetball
  • Step aerobics