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Live and learn in a blossoming park!

We provide students with a unique opportunity to live in a comfortable dormitory located in 5 minutes time from classrooms in a beautiful park of our campus.

The possibility of living in a dormitory is provided to students of the College and University of day, evening and correspondence departments, including students of Moscow University for the Humanities who live in Moscow region and remote areas of Moscow. Students of other universities are provided with a dormitory on the basis of a residence agreement between the Moscow University for the Humanities and their University. The basis for entering into a contract for living in a dormitory is the "Direction for settlement", which is issued at Your University. It is not possible to conclude a contract without it.

Cost of Living

Building «Г» / «Д»
13/15 sq.m
for 1 person
for 2 person *
8 200 rub. per month
16 400 rub. per month
for 1 person
for 2 person *
9 400 rub. per month
18 800 rub. per month

*if rooms are available

How do I get a room?

The guarantee of getting a place in the dormitory is its payment.
1 step

Sign a contract for living in a dormitory and get a receipt for payment in room 317, building 1.

Step 2

Get a referral to move into a dormitory at the University Medical Centre -entrance 5, building 6.

To issue a medical report on the absence of contraindications to living in a dormitory, the residents must submit the following documents to the Medical Centre:

  • fluorography or radiography of the chest;
  • blood test result for RW (no more than 3 months ago);
  • for foreign citizens-results of blood tests for RW and HIV (no more than 3 months ago);
  • conclusion of a dermatologist on the absence of skin and fungal diseases (no more than 10 days ago);
  • photocopy of the vaccination certificate.
These documents are stored in the Medical Centre for a year and are not subject to return. Originals and photocopies are accepted.
Step 3

Get a order for living in a dormitory. The order is issued by the administration of the dormitory on the first floor of the building where Your room is located, on the basis of a receipt and a referral from the Medical Cenre.

Step 4

Get the keys to the room from the dormitory administrator on the basis of an order. The administrator's office is located on the 1st floor of each building.

  • nonresident applicants are enrolled in full-time Department at the University, without being discharged from their permanent place of residence;
  • military conscripts must have a military ID card.

  • Alexander Zakharchenok, Head of the Dormitory Management
    +7 (499) 374-78-75; [email protected]; building G, room 136
  • Tatyana Savinova, Deputy Head of the Dormitory Management
    +7 (499) 374-78-73; [email protected]; building D, room 134
  • Duty Administrator, Building G
    +7 (499) 374-78-56; building G, 1st floor
  • Duty Administrator, Building D
    +7 (499) 374-78-44 (РІРЅ. 14-48); building D, 1st floor