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The post-graduate study of Moscow University for the Humanities has been training scientific and pedagogical staff since September 1970. During the existence of postgraduate study in Higher Komsomol School — Institute of Youth, Moscow humanitarian-social Academy, Moscow University for the Humanities trained more than 3,500 people, trained and protected more than 2,000 doctoral and master's theses. Among postgraduates and doctoral students — representatives of more than 30 countries of the near and far abroad.

Moscow University for the Humanities has a good and glorious tradition of training highly qualified personnel, which is focused on the active participation of postgraduate students in the research activities of the University. The University regularly hosts scientific and practical conferences, methodological seminars, and round tables, which allow postgraduate students to test the results of their dissertation research. Postgraduate students actively participate in research projects supported by various scientific foundations, publish articles in the peer-reviewed journal "Knowledge. Understanding. Skill", as well as in electronic peer-reviewed and indexed publications "Scientific works of Moscow University for the Humanities" and "Horizons of humanitarian knowledge". Research supervisors of postgraduate students are authoritative specialists of the University, as well as other leading universities and research centers in Moscow (Lomonosov Moscow state University, the Russian Academy of national economy and public administration under the President of the Russian Federation, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of education, etc.). At the disposal of postgraduates-a modern scientific library, reading room, computer classes that provide ample opportunities for quick search of necessary information.

More than 70 teachers of our University have successfully completed their post-graduate and doctoral studies at Moscow University for the Humanities and have defended their dissertations. Today, the University has more than 100 postgraduate students.

Training of scientific and pedagogical staff in postgraduate studies is carried out in 14 departments of the University in 9 areas of training, 18 scientific specialties.

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