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The Faculty of Economics and Management

The Faculty of Economics and Management is the largest and the most rapidly developing in the University. It was founded in 1994 as part of the “Management in Social Work” course of study within the Faculty of Social Work.

The training process in this faculty focuses on preparing specialists who are absolutely ready to cope with the difficulties of market economics, to analyze changes in the global social and economic situation, and to make effective administrative and economic decisions. Toward this end, the programmes of study for future managers feature courses in economics, and conversely the programmes of study for future economists include courses in management. Moreover all programmes of study include courses in labor law, administrative law, finance law, tax law and international law. In addition, excellent mathematical and computer skills are essential components of all programmes of study, for these skills are regarded as the bases for implementing mathematical models and finding economic and administrative solutions.

Alumni of the faculty often go on to work for state organizations such as the Ministry of Trade and Social Development and Institutions of Local Government, as well as for private firms, including domestic businesses of all types, foreign companies, and employment agencies.

Courses offered:

  • Finance Management
  • Banking Business
  • Human Recourses
  • World Economics
  • Organization Management
  • Marketing
  • State and Municipal Management

Dean:  Artem I. Fedoseev, PhD, Associate Professor 

The Faculty of Advertising, Design and Journalism 

The Moscow University of the Humanities Faculties of Advertising is the leading faculty in Russia for the study of advertising technologies. It was founded in 1995 as a joint educational project between the Youth Institute of Moscow University of the Humanities and the Russian Association of Advertising Agencies.

Students of the faculty are taught to analyze the perspective trends and problems of advertising market development; to carry out marketing research for advertising aims; to elaborate advertising policy and strategies; to conduct advertising campaign drives taking into consideration new conditions of market evolution; to create and model advertising products; and to organize and control the technological process of production of different types of advertising output.

Students of the faculty complete internships at famous international and Russian companies and agencies such as BBDO, Young & Rubicam,  Maxima communication group, Bates VISB, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann-Erickson, NFQ and many others. 

Faculty, students, and graduates have won numerous famous international advertising competitions, including the “Young Creators” award of the Moscow International Advertising Festival and the “Young Creators” award of the Cannes Lions International Festival. The department also organizes its own competition – the Student Advertising Festival — which has quickly become a real holiday celebrating the students’ creativity.

Courses Offered:

  • Management in Advertising
  • Marketing in Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising Production
  • Design in Advertising

Dean:  Alexander D. Boroday, PhD, Professor

The Faculty of Law

The training process at the Faculty of Law combines traditional educational methods with modern training technologies. The lecture programme directs and supports students, introduces topics, outlines the basic principles and explores problem areas or issues. Seminars utilize a variety of modern methods, aiming to reinforce the knowledge acquired in lectures. Such methods include problem solving, project work, role play, and round tables. For example, Public Law seminars are held in a specially equipped hall for legal proceedings, where students play parts of lawyers, solicitors, public prosecutors and judges. The faculty has its own criminal laboratory, where students make different criminal examinations. Practical work is regarded as a very important part of the training process. Every course includes sixteen to twenty weeks of practical work, which in the past has been completed at the Ministry of Trade and Social Development, the Ministry of Justice, the Russian State Duma, the Moscow State Court, as well as at notary offices, banks, insurance companies, and legal consultation services.

Dean:  Evgeniy A. Karpov, PhD, Associate Professor 

The Faculty of International Relations and Tourism

International Relations is a vital and dynamic field of study. It concerns human interactions whose comprehension requires the mastery of a number of disciplines. There are two main specialties at the department: International Relations and Regional Studies. The courses of the first specialty include the study of the system of international relations, the most important international organizations and unions, problems and tendencies in the development of the world politics, and the foreign policy of Russian Federation and other countries. Regional studies are devoted to the complex study of the world’s various regions: their histories, politics, cultures, religious situations, ethnologies, geographies, economics and international relations. All courses include business-oriented disciplines: international management, international human resource management, business negotiations, business correspondence and others.

The students of the  faculty conduct their practical work at actual foreign ministries, such as the British Council, the Moscow International Business Association, the American and French Chambers of Commerce; other students work with famous tourist companies.

The  Faculty of Cultural Studies is one of the first  faculties of Cultural Studies founded in Russia (1993). All the courses at the  faculty are designed to equip students with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for successful careers in the travel and tourism business and intercultural communication. They offer students a wide variety of subjects which will enrich and specify their knowledge and provide them with practical experience. Throughout the department, emphasis is placed on the development and assessment of practical skills relevant to a wide range of travel, tourism and business careers. Students undertake assignments and activities designed to simulate real-world situations. The training programmes are elaborated taking into account regional needs and distinctive features.

Students get their professional experience in working tourist firms such as the International Academy of Musical Innovations, Intermedie Information Agency, the Information Center of Federal Agency at the office of the President of Russian Federation,  Tez-Tour Tourist Company,  The Rose of Winds Tourist Company, and others. One of the interesting forms of practical experience that students are offered is participation in the exhibition of tourist programmes organized at the faculty.

Dean:   Galina S. Amrakhova, PhD, Associate Professor 

The Faculty of Social Work and Psychology

The Faculty of Social Work is the first faculty of Social Work opened in Russia. It was founded in 1991 in agreement with the Ministry of Trade and Social Affairs (USSR), at the time when there was not a single social worker in Russia. Students at this faculty are urged to gain experience in foreign countries, as well as to conduct domestic investigations.

Each programme of study is designed according to the actual needs of modern society, with special attention paid to the specificity of different regions, and to ways of working together with local authorities.

The training process at the faculty is very closely connected with practical experience. The faculty has partner relations with 60 organizations within the government, voluntary and private sectors. Practical work gives students opportunities to show initiative and to exercise responsibility in a wide variety of situational and client groups. The students of the faculty conduct their practical work at institutions such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Trade and Social Development, the Committee for Family and Youth Affairs, the Department of Social Defense (Moscow), the administrations of cities in the Moscow region, and other organizations.

The Faculty of Psychology was founded in 1993 with the assistance of the Institute of Psychology of Russian Academy of Sciences. It is an example of cooperation between science and higher education that provides a successful combination of theoretical disciplines and practical knowledge in a training process. In 2007 Faculty was united with Department of Social Work.

All courses unite fundamental classical education and practice-oriented professional training, taking into consideration modern international and national experience. Particular attention is paid to the use of modern educational technologies (computer and internet-technologies, active forms of participation, group-work) and intensive practical work under the guidance of teachers (master-classes).

The faculty provides its students with skills and practice which are highly valued in the job market and are assets to most careers whether or not employment is specifically in the field of professional psychology. The graduates of the faculty often find employment at state and governmental organizations, correctional institutions, Human Resource and Occupational Development departments, Public Relations agencies, banks, services of psychological help, consulting centers, and employment agencies.

Courses Offered:

  • Human Resource Psychology
  • Psychology of Work with Family, Children, Youth
  • Psychology of Social and Professional Adaptation
  • Psychology of Creative Development of Man
  • Psychology and Pedagogy
  • Human Resource Psychology
  • Psychology of Work with Family, Children, Youth
  • Psychology of Social and Professional Adaptation
  • Psychology of Creative Development of Man
  • Psychology and Pedagogy

Dean:  Ekaterina Sv. Balabanova, PhD, Associate Professor

The Faculty of Philosophy, Cultural Studies and Art

The aim of the faculty of Philosophy, Cultural Studies and Art is to cultivate harmonious developed, competitive person who would be able to express themselves in professional activities. It is necessary to develop creative and professional qualities of the students.
That is why great attention is paid to research work. We engage the best teachers, famous philosophers, actors, musicians, dancers to be part of the study process.
The faculty is teaching:

  •  theater and cinema artists, pop music artists, directors of events and shows, creative team leaders, experts in arts management;
  •  experts in the field of political communication,  employees of state agencies, employees of commercial structures in the area of business interaction with government, political associations and public;
  •  gallery business professionals, producer’s and cultural center’s staff, television, film and theater managers, executives of live studios

Dean: Anna V. Kostina, PhD, Professor

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